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Cookery Lessons

Top Tots Daycare provides our children with cookery sessions every Tuesday.


These sessions enable our children to learn more about the food that they eat and how it is made, as well as giving them a chance to explore common machines and utensils that their families use at home i.e. microwave, whisk, sieve, oven, weighing scales. Cookery sessions are an excellent way to develop the children's understanding and communication, and also encourage them to use their fine and gross motor skills i.e. when holding a spoon, stirring in a mixing bowl, and pouring in or weighing ingredients.


What we cook each week will be dependant on the children as we account for their opinions in extra-curricular activities. Top Tots staff will provide the children with a choice between two options each week, therefore allowing the children to have a say in what they would like to try making! Children and their families are welcome to take the children's cooking home with them at the end of the day - and we encourage everyone to try the delicious products!


Top Tots will ensure all allergies and dietary requirements will be adhered to, and the children will be supervised at all times.

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  • 8am-6pm Monday - Friday