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Food Policies


Healthy Eating


Top Tots is a healthy eating setting, therefore please DO NOT include the following items in your child’s packed lunches or snacks:

  • fruit juice
  • smoothies
  • fizzy drinks
  • crisps,
  • chocolate
  • yogurt with chocolate
  • processed foods
  • ready meals

 Please include healthy items such as fruits, vegetables, cooked foods, sandwiches, cheese and yogurts.


We have a No Bones Policy at Top Tots, so please ensure that there are no bones in any food your children bring as it presents a choking hazard. The staff are unable to remove the bones for health and safety reasons.


Due to the fact that there have been many incidents in the news of children choking it is now our policy to have all grapes, sausages and melons, cut vertically. So if you are sending any of the items above please cut them vertically before putting into your child’s lunch bag.


TOP TOTS IS A NUT FREE SETTING: For this reason if children bring any nuts or food containing nuts, it will be returned home.



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