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Zumba Lessons

Top Tots Daycare is pleased to announce that we hold Zumba classes for our children every Wednesday and Friday! The sessions will last for 10-15 minutes and will be held in our garden (bad weather can be accommodated for and our sessions will shift inside due to rain, snow, or cold weather)


The Zumba sessions will be conducted twice weekly, by our very own accomplished staff team! Zumba is a great way to keep children active and moving, in a way that promotes refined listening skills and the ability to follow instructions. Top Tots also enjoys giving responsibility to our older children, and therefore we encourage our pre-schoolers to take over the session for 5 minutes and show their younger peers what they have learned!


Zumba sessions are also an immersion into the Colombian culture, which will be new and exciting for many of our children. Those who are too young to engage directly in the moves taught by our staff will also be included through the Colombian Zumba music that we use - allowing babies and toddlers to move and dance at their own pace.

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