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Review submitted by Hannah T (Mother of child) on 29th January 2023.


'My daughter has come on leaps and bounds since being at this school.
I love how they are with all the children. Couldn't of asked for a better nursery.
One of the best around!!
I would highly recommend this nursery!!'


Review submitted by Trina K (Mother of child) on 29th January 2023.


'My daughter loves this nursery and the staff are amazing they are so informative, understanding and supportive. I feel like they really care about all of us not just my daughter. She has progressed so well and I can't wait for my son to go there next September. Would highly recommend this nursery. Thank you so much for helping my daughter bloom'.'


Review submitted by Abderrahmane B (Father of child) on 29th March 2023.


'Excellent nursery. Fantastic start to my son's education. I was impressed by how well the staff read and remembered his personality and how successfully they apply that knowledge. They're great at teaching and very skilled communicators with children and adults. Such a wonderful experience.
I highly recommend this nursery. You won't be disappointed.
Thank you top tots'


Review submitted by Bruno D C (Father of child) on 29th March 2023.


'The staff are great and very engaging. Their methods are second to none and my little one is so happy there. They are very respectful of every child's needs and understand boundaries and singularities.
Their online diary also helps in keeping track of your child's day-to-day activities and growth.'


Review submitted by David D (Father of child) on 29th March 2023.


'Top Tots Daycare has a lovely environment for children to learn the skills they need for the early years. This is my second child I have taken here and I have been very pleased with what she has learnt and how she is developed. We are very lucky to have such a good preschool not very far away, with really good teachers who are very positive and very good at what they do, with no concerns from me. We are delighted to know when she is left here, we have no worries that she will be happy or not because she always is.'


Review submitted by Shontelle H (Foster carer of child) on 29th March 2023.


'When looking for a nursery for my daughter I brought her with me to make enquiries. I was taken aback when I saw the look of excitement on her face, she just ran inside. The staff were brilliant and did invite me in to have a quick look around. They were so warm and welcoming and I could see that this was going to be the nursery for her. English was not her first language but she has come along in leaps and bounds, every day she has something new. Her language has picked up, she has made some really good friends, she knows colours, can count and appreciates routine now. The staff worked wonders around her typical tantrums she had in the beginning. They are very understanding and very professional as they tend to all the children's needs, also they do great activities with them. I also love that there is diversity among the staff and children. I would recommend this nursery every time and am grateful to the staff. Well done all.'


Review submitted by Jessica F (Mother of Child) on 30th March 2023.


'My daughter has been attending Top Tots Daycare since September 2022, I can honestly say my little girl has grown in confidence and has learnt so much since attending the setting! The manager is an absolute gem and is always ready to help parents with any concerns or in my case extra days needed. The keyworkers are absolutely amazing and have made such amazing progress with my little girl. The rest of Top Tots are always ready to greet you with a smile and are always so cheerful and happy! Personally, I couldn’t be happier! And cannot wait to send my youngest in January. Thank you, Top Tots.'


Review submitted by Sylvia A (Mother of Child) on Saturday 9th April 2022


''I love this nursery so much! Both my children attended Top Tots daycare and they are both advanced and well-behaved boys. It’s been a beautiful journey to work with all the staff who have taken such good care of my children. The staff are loving, caring and very kind. They protect the kids and take care of them as their own. I am so grateful to all the staff for making my sons feel so happy and safe every day. God bless you.''


Review submitted by Michelle C (Mother of Child) on 22nd November 2021


''My daughter is so happy and excited to go to Top Tots Daycare every day - they make her feel like she’s a part of the family. She comes out of Top Tots Daycare every day bursting with knowledge and exciting things to tell me that she has done.''



Review submitted by Shelly F (Mother of Child) on 24th February 2022


''My daughter loved attending this nursery from when she was a year old, she learnt so much in a short space of time I was truly impressed. The care given was second to none and great value for money. The communication with parents is great and they discuss our child's progress with friendliness, care and reassurance. I entrusted them with the care of our little one and they exceeded expectations.''


Review submitted by Patience (Mother of Child) on 15th September 2021


''I love this nursery. My son (11 months) is attending full time and settled in nicely. Staff are friendly, efficient, understanding and I love the communication they have. Both my children have attended and my 8 year old still loves to visit as he went there since he was a baby. It’s been so reassuring to me that my child is well cared for while I’m away from him.''


Review submitted by Bulent (Father of Child) on 27th July 2021


''I highly recommend this nursery - me and my child have had such a great experience here! Before coming to Top Tots, I had put my child in a different nursery where he didn’t settle at all because they would not allow me in with my son to make him more comfortable. Top Tots allowed me to come in with my child for the first week for reduced hours to allow him to fully settle before I left him which made both of us more comfortable. As my child is bilingual, he did not know much English when he started, so the staff kindly learned some keywords of our native language to make my son feel relaxed. I cannot wait for my other two children to start at Top Tots and become part of the community!''


Review submitted by Natalie S (Mother of Child) on 9th May 2021


''My daughter started this nursery at 9-mont- old and is now 3.
As a mother returning back to work, I was extremely nervous about sending my daughter to the nursery at such a young age. I visited a few nurseries and didn't get the right instinct that it was the right setting, however, my first conversation with the nursery manager was very reassuring, and I was so happy. I visited the nursery and was greeted with a warm welcome by all staff members.
My daughter started, and I was beyond happy with the communication with the staff and have never had an issue.
My daughter has developed so much over the years, and I highly thank each staff member for this as they work so hard. Each staff member shows untold amounts of support toward me as a parent and my child.
I could not recommend a better setting than Top Tots.
My child is always happy to attend the setting and continues to talk about her nursery when out or at home. A huge thank you to everyone at Top Tots for everything.''


Review submitted by Iffath H (Mother of Child) on 5th March 2021


''Both my children attended at two and a half years old and 10 months old, they both stayed on till they were four and three. Despite being very attached children, the nursery staff settled them really well into their setting. The staff are very friendly and always bring a holistic approach to their care of children. I felt very comfortable leaving the children in their care and both children thoroughly enjoyed their time with them and miss them dearly!''


Review submitted by Ana L (Mother of Child) on 21st February 2021


''We had a wonderful experience with both of our daughters at Top Tops. My oldest daughter went to this nursery from 11-months-old till pre-school, and my second one went since she was a year old too. All the staff are caring, friendly, and they always try to help. I highly recommend this nursery.''


Review submitted by Veronica H (Grandmother of Child) on 5th February 2021


''My grandson is well looked after. The staff are caring, kind and considerate to his needs.
The nursery has a nurturing environment where my grandson can learn and develop. The nursery is clean, and have a range of activities good for growth.
I never have to worry about my grandson safety. I have seen my grandson improve drastically in his learning and awareness.''


Review submitted by Desmond T (Father of Child) on 3rd February 2021


''Top Tots Daycare is a very good daycare, so I recommend everyone's little ones in the area should go. Their learning and management are good, and their teachers are good as well; they have a great experience too.''


Review submitted by Samuel L (Father of Child) on Thursday 16th July 2020


''Since my son started the nursery, he has experienced nothing but love, care, support and encouragement from this fantastic team. Staff are incredible in the way they deal with children and their teaching is passionate and of a high standard. My child has made many friends and is given so many incredible opportunities to develop. The staff are also very supportive to parents and accommodate timings, learning and strategies to suit home environments. Although I was increasingly upset of having to put my son in a nursery, I am extremely happy that I chose such a fantastic nursery and I have no regrets!''


Review submitted by Karen M (Mother of Child) on Wednesday 15th July 2020


''I cannot put into words how grateful I am that I found you and the wonderful Top Tots team. You all have been so incredibly passionate, engaging and supportive to our family and we will be forever grateful. Niamh and Eire have changed from 2 reserved toddlers, to two confident little children ready for reception and that is down to the nurturing they have received from you and your team. Every future child will be so lucky to have Top Tots as their extended family. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.''


Review submitted by Judy T (Mother of Child) on Wednesday 12th September 2018


''My 2 boys go to this nursery and they absolutely love it. I have no problem getting them ready for nursery, even on Sundays they ask are we going nursery? 
They are learning a lot and I don't have any more problems when it's tidying up time. They sing the tidying up song that they learn at nursery whilst tidying up. My son is also eating more variety of food since starting top tots. He now eats bread and vegetables. Staff are friendly and really care for the kids. Compared to the other nursery my son attended in the past Top Tots is the best.''


Review submitted by Danielle S (Mother of Child) on Tuesday 12th December 2017.


''My son joined Top Tots in September 2017 and my only regret is not having started him sooner! Staff are friendly, incredibly knowledgeable and have a clear love for working with children in their care. The setting provides a true family feel and my son has developed in all areas due to the staff and their hard work.'


Review submitted by Keneshia N (Mother of Child) on Thursday 1 June 2017.


''The management and staff of this nursery are very good. It's very clean and I feel very safe for my son to attend. My daughter attended this nursery before my son and the staff worked along with her so well. My son has developed and learnt a lot since attending Tree Tops Daycare. I would recommend this nursery.''


Review submitted by Sandra A (Mother of Child) on Friday 9 June 2017.


''I really like Top Tots day care nursery because my daughter has learned so much since she started attending there. Her speaking, learning and thinking have improved so much, very happy with her progress. The staff are very caring and kind towards the parents and the kids there are well trained and very pleasant to be around. Therefore I would recommend a friend and family to this nursery due to the hard work they have achieved. Thank you.''


Review submitted by Sahar H (Mother of Child) on Wednesday 21 June 2017. 


''My daughter enjoyed her time in Top Tots Daycare. She got excited every morning when I used to tell her we were going to the nursery. She had a very good relationship with her key-worker. She loved the activities provided in the nursery e.g. sensory activity, wet panto and boiled spaghetti. She took her first steps in the nursery and learnt how to walk. Communication was good between key-workers and parents and the Tapestry system which you could watch and read observations whenever you like.''


Review submitted by A A (Father of Child) on Wednesday 21 June 2017. 


''Top Tots Daycare is an outstanding day nursery that fulfils every need of the children attending. All 3 of my children went to Top Tots Daycare and I have been extremely satisfied with the care and teaching that staff provide for the children. There is always a range of activities on offer to suit everyone's needs and to provide both entertainment and an active learning environment. Above all, the level of care and protection given to the children ensures a very close bond with staff who are great role models.''


Review submitted by F A (Mother of Child) on Thursday 29 June 2017. 


''I have been with the nursery for 4 years. I have 2 children here who both love the nursery and enjoy their day very much.
This nursery has welcoming staff who are always happy to help and answer any question which parents may have.''


Review submitted by Aji (Father of Child) on Saturday 11 November 2017. 


''This is the first nursery I chose for my daughters and I can definitely say I made the right choice.

Our Daughters loved it from the moment they entered the nursery. The lovely caring staff ensured my daughters were warmly welcomed and settled so quickly.

The Nursery itself is clean and I have never had any concerns and the Nursery manager is so kind, welcoming and accommodating.

My Daughters appears to also love every minute spent in the nursery with lots of great activities. They have developed so much since they started nursery, education and physical activities are great. My Daughters loved to play football every Wednesday and African Drumming session every Monday was their favourite.

Thank you, Top Tots Daycare for all the hard work you did with my daughters I really appreciate it.''


Review submitted by Meryem L (Mother of Child) on Wednesday 8 June 2016. 


''Both my children attend this day care, i have tried previous places but this is the best, the staff are super friendly and professional, my children learn different activities everyday. Really recommend Top Tots.''

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